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Ventistål AS is a leader on the Norwegian market in supplying ventilation equipment and insulation through its broad network of working points. It is a daughter company of Brødrene Dahl AS.

Ventistal Marine Romania was established in December 2006 and offers, as its mother company, a complete range of ventilation products, such us: duct systems and accessories, plenum, diffusers, grilles, dampers, kitchen ventilation and sound absorbers, residential/flexible ducts, filters, cooker hoods, fans, mineral wool wired mats, slabs, pipe sections, lamella mats and other insulation products.

The traded goods and partners are carefully selected, based on quality and performance criteria. 

Venstistal Marine Romania also has a production workshop where it produces spiro tubes and fittings, un-insulated and pre-insulated.

In January 2010 Ventistal Marine merged with Brodrene Dahl, becoming the latter’s producing and trading division for ventilation products with applications in naval, industrial, civil and offshore constructions.